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Special to you Delivery by us

No matter what or where in the world you need to ship something, we provide flexible and reliable solutions. All you need to do is tell us whatwhen and where - we will take care of everything else.

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Shipping. Made easy.

Instead of spending your time making sure everything is correctly packed and labeled, while selecting and booking the correct transportation method based on your urgency - leave all of that to us.

We call it the YSDS Way™, and simply means that we take care of everything related to your shipping needs - without charging extra!

But what about the other way?
Well, usually that means you have to take care of everything by yourself.

Read more about the YSDS Way, and what we do to provide the best service level in the industry at the same prices as the rest.

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We ship - Everything

No matter what you need transported, our inhouse team of dedicated experts will ensure tailor-made and on-time solutions for your goods. Every time.


Packing, handling and shipping priceless and unique objects require unique solutions. That is what we do best.
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Hotels & Resorts

To have hospitality facilities running smoothly, you need to have an even smoother logistics chain. We provide you with that service, so you can focus on servicing your guests.
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High transport quality is crucial for fragile equipment and sensitive instruments, any mismanagement throughout the logistics chain can not only jeopardize the safety of the goods but also patients.
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Transporting pharmaceuticals is among the most demanding logistics challenges there are, and any mistake can have severe impact on years of research, large investments and even human lives.
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Everything from radioactive medicine to cheeseburgers and explosives. Everything the rest calls impossible or won't do - those are the challenges that define us.
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IT logistics is complex and can leave entire companies to a standstill if something is lost or delayed in transportation at huge costs. We make sure that never happens.
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We ship - Whenever

Sometimes you are in a hurry, and sometimes not.

Sometimes, the fastest solution is also the cheapest. And sometimes, it is not.

No matter the circumstances, we customize every single shipment to make sure it is safe, cost-efficient and on time. Either by hand-carry or a chartered helicopter, or anything in between. At the best possible rates.

Our Solutions

We ship - Everywhere

No matter where you need to send something, our network of offices and agents ensure you that we can pickup and deliver anywhere in a safe, cost efficient and timely manner.

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